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African American Health

Blacks and African Americans are disproportionately affected by many chronic diseases and health conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease, and obesity.

Despite these health disparities faced by African American communities, chronic disease is NOT a part of their heritage. 

What is in their heritage is a healthy mind, strong body, vibrant and delicious foods, and a beautiful culture. 

"Let the old ways be your guide to good health and well-being."

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A Taste of African Heritage Curriculum Training for CHWs is a curriculum that trains CHWs and CHW Instructors to deliver and evaluate this evidenced-based, culturally competent nutrition education program. 

The African Heritage Diet is an evidenced-based program development by Oldways, a nonprofit dedicated to improving public health by inspiring individuals and organizations to embrace the healthy, sustainable joys of the “old ways” of eating—heritage-based diets high in taste, nourishment, sustainability, and joy.


This e-learning program meets continuing education requirements for Community Health Workers, Community Health Worker Instructors, Certified Health Education Specialists and Medical Assistants. This course has been approved for 5.0 certified continuing education hours.

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