Full Circle Health Coaching LLC was established in 2013 as a health and wellness solution that offers a full circle approach to empower multi-passionate nurses to prioritize self-care; so that, they can show up as the best versions of themselves and impact the well-being of those connected to them.
The coaching solutions guide the nurses to come full circle to their calling as a nurse that was filled with excitement, passion and compassion.
The full circle approach includes:
  1. Curriculum - that is backed by science and based on guidelines and recommendations of national and international scientific expert groups.
  2. Coaching - that is evidence based in behavior change processes and techniques coupled with the life experiences of the founder and lead coach, Deitra Dennis, RN, NBC-HWC
  3. Commitment - the Full Circle coaching team is committed to partner with the nurses simultaneously as the nurses commit to do the work to prioritize self-care.
  4. Community - that consist of like minded multi-passionate nurses that encourage and support each other on the journey to optimal well-being.