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Deitra's excitement about being vegan. She is a great motivational speaker. Her excitement shines in her voice.
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine              Fight Diabetes with Food Online Nutrition Class Series


“The Go Red Girlfriend's Day was Amazing! We were reminded that our ancestor's diet was mainly plant based and they did not experience the diseases that are so prevalent today. Coach Deitra demonstrated how to prepare a delicious raw collard green salad with cornbread croutons. We also had black eye pea hummus! Thank you Deitra for taking us on a journey back to our African heritage healthy lifestyle. Go Full Circle Health Coaching!”
A. Edmondson
Go Red With A Taste of African Heritage Cooking Class
I appreciate that Coach Deitra delivers the content in a warm, friendly, I-get-where-you-are fashion. That is helpful as we unlearn old and adopt new eating behaviors.
F. Shannon
Back to the Root 4-Week Jumpstart
The volume of information and tools provided during the workshop was Invaluable. Also, Deitra’s availability went above and beyond what was to be expected.
R. Cecil
Back to the Root 2-Week Jumpstart
Thank you, Deitra, for your sincere concern about our health. You have given me life changing life saving tools. When I started this journey with you, I had no intentions of becoming a VEGAN 😊. After seeing the results, with lower blood pressure (132/60) with no meds, loss of 4lbs and increased iron ((from 10.0 to 11.5) my goal is to continue on this journey. The world needs you 💜
M. Jones
Back to the Root 2-Week Jumpstart
 Coaching Is Unlocking A Person's Potential To Maximize Their Own Performance.
It Is Helping Them to Learn Rather Than Teaching Them
- Tim Gallwey
C. Moses

                    Back to the Root 2-Week Jumpstart

Two weeks can change your life. Food is not the enemy. This time has helped me to push a reset button on my life-long trying of everything out there to lose weight or meet a medical requested goal. I must see me from the inside out. When the inside is healthy and operating well, I glow. And it's the glow that I want not a number on a scale. The jumpstart program taught me to visualize and then actualize healthy eating. Deitra cooked a meal with dessert during class time and she showed me it is doable after working a full day to put something on the table. I learned what I like about meat can be just as true about vegan foods. I learned how to cook, experiment with food and satisfy my cravings. Lastly, Deitra encourages me to applaud the successes and not beat myself up when I fail or miss the mark. This is a life journey. I see me in my future, and I look and feel marvelous.

I would recommend the coaching process because it provides accountability and support. Deitra gives doable solutions based on the individual's lifestyle and goals. This is not a one-size fits all coaching program. There is no meat-shaming. Deitra encourages you to see a better alternative and to just give it a try. Nothing is in stone. If you don't like something, try something else but don't ever feel you can't be vegan.

The daily emails and videos are encouraging and provide small homework challenges to build up the participant's knowledge. I can go through an email and look with a 15-minute break. I really enjoyed the links to quick exercise videos.

I have a change of mind set. I am the master of what I put in my mouth. Healthy eating deters DNA destiny.

C. Burian
Quality Evaluator Lead WellPoint Health Networks

You were able to set mini agendas as you went along through the various component of the call. Your use of agenda setting throughout the call was a best practice, and such a terrific strategy to use. It allowed you to keep the member focused, and to let her know where you were going throughout the call.

Your goal work, and health behavior change/smart goal planning was also terrific! A very specific, measurable physical activity plan was collaborated with the member, with teaching and motivation used to help the member gain insight into the developing the plan. Outstanding work on gaining her commitment, and not letting her off the hook because of the winter weather. You offered her some viable options to getting in some exercise in the winter, and in spite of her very busy schedule. She hung up the phone with a very clear plan in place and outlined action she was going to take. Nice work here, Deitra.

Thanks for all of your hard work with our members. I appreciate all you do for them to help them lead healthier lives.