4-Week Plant-Based Jumpstart Evaluation

It is helpful to me if you take some time to provide feedback about your experience as a participant in the 4-Week Plant-Based Jumpstart Nutrition Education Series.  This allows me to continuously improve and evolve and provide the best support possible for you.

How did you hear about Back to the Root Nutrition Education Series? (Check all that apply)

What interested you in enrolling in the nutrition education series? (Check all that apply)

What changes will you make based on what you learned from the nutrition education series? (Check all that apply)

What would you say the most challenging part of adopting a plant-based eating? (Check all that apply)

Please describe how your health has changed. (Check all that apply)

What were the best features of this nutrition education series?

Are there ways this nutrition education series could be improved?

Are there any other comments that you would like to share about the instructor and/or the nutrition education series?